Structural Health Monitoring

One of the new goals of Loccioni Group is the structural health monitoring for safety after relevant events, as earthquake or hydro geological risk (in particular floods and landslides). The general goal is to use the best technologies and integrate all the data collected by each monitoring system in order to have a global vision of the state of health of each structure considering both the actions and the responses and convert data into value. Since we use our structures as laboratory to test innovative solutions, the SHM project includes several tasks related to the single building, bridge, the environment, installing  several sensors distributed among our 2km of future and acquiring different signals.

pier scour dynamic monitoring system
monitoring system for the detecting of landslides

Structural Monitoring of building
A Wireless Sensor Network of accelerometers has been developed and installed in order to study the dynamic behavior of the buildings before (in ambient conditions), during and after relevant events.

Bless +: A pier scour monitoring system
An array of Fiber Bragg grating that proceeds as an array of temperature sensor has been used to process the data related to the stability of the bridges during normal and particular conditions (as for example during floods) for prompt decision making about safety and maintenance. The system, named Bless+, comes from the implementation of Bless patent (Bed Level Seeking System) of Politecnico di Milano.

Landslide monitoring system
The monitoring of landslides is performed by high speed vision camera that correlates optical data. Real time image analysis is performed in order to give warning about unforeseen events.