Non-stop Vision Inspection

Vispee is the robotic system for non-stop vision inspectionable to integrate accuracy and precision of the measuring process with quickness and short inspection time. According to the Clients’ needs, besides vision systems, quality control stations can be equipped with other sensors as laser vibrometers, microphones, etc., designing a suitable turnkey solution in terms of:

  • Integration and adaptation of the quality control station with the rest of the production line
  • Analysis, specification and characterization of the most suitable sensors for the required inspection tasks
  • User-friendly interface for programming and training the system

Vispee provides advanced functionalities such as:

  • Very fast acquisition and analysis of data
  • Up to 4 inspections in 1 second
  • Automatic generation of the robot optimal path given the inspection points, with automatic avoidance of obstacles and collisions
  • 3-D product modeling (piece reconstruction)
  • PLC interface and signals exchange with the rest of the production line

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