Mobile Diagnostic Robot

Mo.Di.Bot joins the functionalities and performances of testing stations with the flexibility of an autonomous mobile system, providing a fully integrated solution suitable for effective and versatile use in different industrial environments.
Mo.Di.Bot is able to navigate autonomously into the environment avoiding obstacles and collisions and generating dynamically the shortest and safest path.
Depending on the specific application, several measurement sensors (2D and 3D vision systems, laser vibrometers, microphones, thermal cameras, force-torque sensors, tactile sensors, etc.) enable Mo.Di.Bot to acquire data which can then be processed and analyzed.

Measurement sensors are quite expensive and the possibility to move them in the environment avoiding their replication definitely turns out in a considerable save of money for the end-user.
Additionally, for more complex applications Mo.Di.Bot can be equipped with commercially available robotic arms to perform manipulation tasks (pushing buttons, turning knobs, opening and closing doors).
Loccioni has a deep know-how in developing innovative testing systems and is able to design and develop mobile robotic turnkey solutions that meet challenging requirements. Mo.Di.Bot platform can be adapted to different application scenarios adding specific functionalities and offers intuitive user interfaces for programming and training the system.

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