Railway Inspection Robotics

Felix is the first certified mobile robot for the automatic inspection of railway switches and crossings (S&C), developed by Loccioni and RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) with the objective to increase railway switches reliability, guarantee railways safety and solve maintenance planning problems.

Felix is able to monitor S&C as well as tracks status: it is equipped with profilometers to create 3D reconstructions of the inspected parts.

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  • Track gauge
  • Superelevation
  • Twist
  • Crossed distance
  • Characteristic distances of S&C
  • Clearances
  • Flangeway gaps
  • Free wheel passage
  • Break-space depth
  • Check-rail thickness
  • Chipping of blade rails
  • Wear of blade contact side
  • Wear of blade’s toe
  • Wear of stock-rail
  • Wear 45°
  • Crossing nose alignment

The automatic measurement process makes it faster and easier to perform diagnosis and quality control, with a significative impact on operators and, ultimately,
final users safety.

But Felix is not only an innovation…it tells a story about being brave and visionary enough to jump at any chance that could positively and unexpectedly influence and affect the life to come, and go with the flow. Discover it…here.