In contrast with the most of industrial robots, designed to operate autonomously, collaborative robots are conceived to physically interact with humans in a shared workspace. Collaborative robots have integrated sensors capable to feel external forces and, if this force is too high, to safely stop the robot’s movement.
Loccioni has a proven expertise in integrating the main collaborative robots (Universal Robots, ABB YuMi, KUKA LBR iiwa) and is able to provide innovative robotic turnkey solutions for different sectors: automotive, home appliances, aerospace, pharmaceutic, etc.

Modular Robotic Cell
Modular Robotic Cell
The industry 4.0 paradigm is demanding more and more flexibility and modularity, based on the Cyber-Physical System philosophy and concepts. The robotic cell is therefore composed by several interconnected embedded systems, exchanging information and cooperating among them for the proper execution of the final requested task. To provide easy reusability and interchangeability of the robotic module, an Open Robot Interface (ORI) framework has been developed.
Human-Robot Interaction
Human Robot Interaction (HRI)
Innovative human-robot interaction methods permit to increase usability, simplify programming and improve safety of robotics arms. The research on HRI methods includes: robot mimic, online planning, manual guidance and 3D environment reconstruction.
Non-stop vision inspection
Non-stop Vision Inspection
The robotic system for high speed vision inspection is able to integrate accuracy and precision of the measuring process with quickness and short inspection time.
Railway switch inspection
Railway Inspection Robotics
Felix is the Loccioni system with 3D measurement sensors able to perform the critical task of inspecting railway switches and crossings, thus permitting to identify worn sections and routes.
Mobile Diagnostic
The mobile robot for the advanced industrial diagnostics able to perform measurement with more flexibility and precision, and shorter time-cycle, compared to traditional testing systems.
APOTECA is the automation and information platform for safe compounding of intravenous hazardous therapy. It makes every step of the production process programmable, controllable, traceable and analyzable. APOTECAchemo is a robotic system capable of weighing the active ingredients and solutions, reconstituting powdered drugs, preparing syringes, bags and other final containers while safely loading and unloading the materials and preparations.