Grants4Tech, the Bayer robotic competition

Bayer launched the Grants4Tech robotic challenge, with the aim to strengthen the bond between the Lifescience industry and academic robotic research communities and enthusiasts.

Loccioni and Italian institute of Technology (IIT) joined together in the LIAL team and participates to the challenge, becoming part of the fourth industrial revolution in life science production!

The task

Sampling of powder for quality control from a drum of incoming raw materials is done hundreds of times a day at each of our multiple sites worldwide. Solving this challenge will have a disruptive impact to future operations and robotic applications.

Participants are challenged to use robotic hardware and develop the software to open the drums and the inner bag. The step of filling the sample into the bottle is explicitly not core of the challenge but optional. Anyhow the more steps the robot executes successfully, the higher the ranking in the final.

The LIAL solution

The LAIAL team combines the knowledge of IIT about the design and the development of new robotics components, with the expertise of Loccioni in thinking and deploying highly integrated and automated systems in the industrial environments.

From this perfect mix is born an innovative robotic solution for the Bayer challenge. Come to visit us at the CUBE Tech Fair (Berlin, May 10-12), where all the projects will be presented!

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