The future of work starts from the factory

The GO0D MAN consortium partnerThe GO0D MAN consortium partner

On October 10th-11th, representatives of European industries, research centres and universities, met in the Italian Loccioni Headquarters to give the official start to GO0D MAN, an Innovation project partially funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Programme.

Within a context of market globalisation, the quality of products is a key factor for success in manufacturing industry. At the same time, the increasing interest in sustainable production places a premium on reducing material waste, re-works, rejects and stocks and has led to a demand for the development of zero-defect strategies at system level.

Traditional approaches for quality control treat the production system as a whole and lack the capability to discriminate among changes at different stages. This means that the large amount of data generated or used in a production system, is not efficiently processed. The strategy developed by the GO0D MAN project, instead, will be able to manage the production in an advanced way, involving Big Data as the key element for an efficient and zero defects manufacturing (ZDM) process.

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