SAVE 2015- Convegno Soluzioni e Applicazioni Verticali di Automazione, Strumentazione, Sensori

In the context of the exhibition and conference SAVE, ANIPLA hold a conference aimed to fix the state of art of emerging technologies for the construction of a smart building. That is, a building in which the management of consumption of utilities (subsystems) (power, cooling, lighting, water) is integrated with the optimal management of technological systems in the building (heating, systems of energy production from renewable sources, ventilation, electrical and lighting systems, data transmission network, anti-intrusion, …) using ICT intensively.
Given that the management and use of buildings accounts for 40% of the energy consumed in the world, are obvious potential improvements in terms of electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.
During the conference, we will be discussed / illustrated case studies that will address issues related to the development of systems for the integrated management of the different systems and technology services, to ensure the desired level of comfort.
In this context it will be presented the works done within the European Projects Green@Hospital and RenewIT.

Green@Hospital is an European project that aims at integrating the latest ICT solutions in order to obtain a significant energy saving in existing hospital buildings, through a better management of energy resources and losses reduction. This will be carried out by the realization of Web-based Energy Management and Control Systems – Web-EMCS – which integrates monitors and controls multiple buildings systems at the component level. The topics that will be discussed concern in fact, the measurement technologies and optimizing energy efficiency in four European hospitals – including the Hospital Azienda Ospedaliera Ospedali Riuniti of Ancona.
From the results obtained from Green@Hospital, the RenewIT project, is instead focuses on data centre and Agorà, the data dentre of Ancona hospital, is a case study. In fact, in this project the consortium is developing a dynamic tool to evaluate the cost – effectiveness of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy production  during the design or the revamping of data centre with the aim of achieving Net Zero Energy Data Centre.

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